Rare Gifts is a Radiant Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Quest Giver Location Quest Item Reward
Captain Aldis Castle Dour The Mirrior Leveled Amount of Gold
Lami Jorgen and Lami's House Song of the Alchemists +1 Alchemy
Rustleif Rustleif's House Night Falls on Sentinel +1 Smithing
Siddgeir Jarl's Longhouse Black-Briar Mead 2-3 Leveled Potions
Torbjorn Shatter-Shield House of Clan Shatter-Shield Amulet of Arkay Leveled amount of gold
Ysolda Ysolda's House Mammoth Tusk +1 Speech


The Mirror

The book can be found in the Palace of Kings in Windhelm. Taking this copy will count as stealing unless you are a Thane of Eastmarch. The Captain will accept a Stolen copy.

Song of the Alchemists

This book has to be stolen. Once this quest is active, a copy will appear in the Bards College on the main floor. The book can also be found in Anise's Cabin.

Night Falls on Sentinel

This book can be found in the Swindler's Den for this quest. It can also be found South of The Guardian Stones in Falkreath Hold in a bandit camp.

Black-Briar Mead

This mead can easily be found or bought at the Black-Briar Meadery. This mead is available from many innkeepers throughout Skyrim. It can be found in the cave that you exit as you are completing Unbound

Amulet of Arkay

The AMulet of Arkay can be found at Wayward Pass at the Shrine of Arkay. One can also easily be obtained by starting The Taste of Death.

Mammoth Tusk

Mammoth Tusks can be found in Halted Stream Camp if you don't want to steal any.

Finding any Hunters will give you a chance to buy one. Their camps can also have one laying around

If you are willing to steal one, a number can be found throughout Whiterun.

  • Dragonreach - Jarl's Quarters: Go upstairs into the main room. The tusk is atop the bookcase to the right from the door.
  • Jorrvaskr - Table in the left-hand room
  • The Bannered Mare - Top of the Bookshelf behind the counter