Skyrim Hearthfire: Adoptable Children

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Lucia, one of the adoptable kids in Skyrim Hearthfire

This is a list of adoptable kids in Skyrim Hearthfire. Please add new kids to the Hearthfire Adoption list as you find more who can be adopted.

Note: Some of these children can only be adopted if their parents are dead.

You are allowed to adopt a maximum of two children.

The adoptees will move into your house if you have the room for them. You need a children's bed and a dresser.

Adoptable Boys

Alesan - Dawnstar

Blaise - Katla's Farm

Francois Beaufort - Honorhall Orphanage

Frodnar - Riverwood

Gralnach - Heartwood Mill

Hroar - Honorhall Orphanage

Samuel - Honorhall Orphanage

Skuli - Old Hroldan

Adoptable Girls

Britte - Rorikstead

Braith Whiterun

Dorthe - Honorhall Orphanage

Lucia - Whiterun

Runa Fairshield - Honorhall Orphanage

Sissel - Rorikstead

Sofie - Windhelm

Svari - Solitude