Skyrim Hearthfire: Personal Steward

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A personal Steward (or House Steward) can help in Skyrim: Hearthfire can help with all sorts of stuff around the house including furnishing, materials, protecting the house, hiring a carriage and more

How to make someone a personal steward

To make an NPC into your personal steward, bring them into your house and a dialog option should appear

Note: Not all followers can become your personal steward. See list below.

List of possible Personal Stewards in Skyrim Hearthfire

The following followers can be made into a personal steward:

Adelaisa Vendicci (Solitude)

Aela the Hunterss (The Companions)

Agmaer (From Dawnguard)

Annekke Crag-Jumper (Darkwater Crossing)

Beleval (From Dawnguard)

Brelyna Maryon (College of Winterhold)

Durak (Dawnguard)

Eola (Markarth)

Erik the Slayer (Rorikstead)

Faendal (Riverwood)

Illia (Darklight Tower)

Ingjard (Dawnguard)

Lydia (Whiterun)

Jordis the Sword-Maiden (Solitude)

Marcurio (riften)

Roggi Knot-Beard (Kynesgrove)

Sven (Riverwood)

Uthgerd the Unbroken (Whiterun)

Vilkas (Whiterun)

Followers who CANNOT be Personal Stewards

The following popular followers you CANNOT make them into a house steward: Ahtar

Aranea (priestess of Azura)

Argis the Bulwark


Borgakh the Steel Heart


Dark brotherhood initiate






Mjoll the Lioness