Elsa the Innkeeper at the White Orchard Inn (tavern) in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Elsa is the name of the Innkeeper in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Owns the Inn/Tavern in White Orchard

This is the only tavern in town

It has gotten a lot more business since the war started.

Because of all the villages and travelers that come here, it is also a good source for info and rumors.

Geralt and Vesemir come here seeking information about Yennefer

They talk to the Innkeeper to see if she knows anything.


Tavern (White Orchard)
White Orchard

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Lilac and Gooseberries
Lilac and Gooseberries
The Incident at White Orchard
The Incident at White Orchard



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Elsa is a relative of Bram. If you did not ask Bram for a reward after saving him from the Griffin, he tells you to mention his name to her and that she will help you. When you mention him to Elsa, she will offer you food and drinks "on the house".
  • You should buy the Gwent cards from her as soon as you can afford them. After the prologue, Elsa leaves the inn and you will no longer be able to get those cards.
  • As of patch 1.04, you can buy all those Gwent cards from Bram


Innkeeper: Beg your pardon for those thugs

Vesemir: No need, we are used to it.

Innkeeper: Folk're jumpy round here. Armies just passed through, now a Griffin's prowlin' about.

Geralt: Mhm. Already had the pleasure. One mean beast

Innkeeper: Mean? Light way for a hunter to put it. Clawed Lena so bad, poor thing's one foot in the grave. But does not good to wallow in misfortune. How can I be of service?

Vesemir: With a drop of vodka for me.

Innkeeper: And you? Something to wet your tongue?

Geralt: Looking for a woman. Raven-haired, violet eyes. Dresses in black and white. Riding in from Willoughby. And, uh, as strange as it sounds - lilac and gooseberries, might've smelled that.

Innkeeper: I've not seen nor smelt such a lady. Believe I'd remember.

Vesemir: Yeah. Especially hard to forget this one.

Innkeeper: Plenty of travelers about, though, folk from all over. Might be worth your while to ask after her.

Geralt: Pretty busy place you got.

Innkeeper: Nation's on the move. Some search for kin, others just want to get out of the way of the armies. They all need food, drink, and a night's rest in warmth.

Geralt: So, war's been good for your trade?

Innkeeper: Aye, so far. But it'd be best to know peace again. Times like these you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Geralt: there a contract on that Griffin?

Innkeeper: Nay, not at the moment. Used to be, soon as beast'd built a nest nearby the ealdorman's start a collection or go to the lord for help. Now, the ealdorman don't use the privy without asking the Black Ones' permission first. And seems they hanged the lord. So, no contract.

Vesemir: Shame. We might have done something. But not for free.

Geralt: Thanks. For everything.

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