Alchemy in ArcheAge. Potions, gear enhancement stones (Lunastones), reagents for other crafting recipes, dyes.

Alchemists in ArcheAge can brew more than just potions for players to use. They can also create Lunastones to augment equipment and create powerful talismans to strengthen your allies and even augment or repair vehicles. Alchemy is also used to create dyes, oils, and polishes that Tailors, Leatherworkers, Metalworkers, and Handicrafters will find useful.

Companion Skills[edit]

  • Gathering - Most alchemical resources are obtained via gathering. Roses, clovers, and narcissus will be useful.
  • Farming - You'll need certain vegetables and herbs to create the oils, dyes, and polishes needed in alchemy.
  • Tailoring - Alchemy can make certain dyes and oils for tailors to craft armors, costumes, and plushes.
  • Leatherworking - Alchemy can be used to craft oils used for leather armors.
  • Metalworking - Some advanced metalworking recipes need specific polishes made by alchemists.
  • Fishing - Most regular fish can be transmuted into Dawn Lake Essence, which is an alchemical resource for composers.

Vocation Skill Boost Items[edit]

  • Potion Rack - Grants +1000 Alchemy Proficiency
  • Experimental Crucible - +1000 Alchemy Proficiency

Tips for leveling Alchemy to 10k[edit]

  • Gather what you can, when you can – Since many of the reagents for crafting potions, dyes, polishes, etc, require various plants, it is best to get in the habit of gathering these items whenever you can. Whether it catches your eye while doing a quest or traveling, it is better to get the items when you can rather than having to go out and search for the one plant that you need to finish crafting an Alchemy recipe.
  • Mine Iron Ore – Iron ore will provide the raw stones and ore needed to craft many basic Lunastones for beginner Alchemists.
  • Craft Lunastones – The two things that you will be crafting the most in Alchemy when you are starting out will likely be potions, dyes, oils, polishes, and lunastones. While crafting potions and items like dyes and oils, Lunastones mostly give you 10 skill points per craft rather than 5. The easiest of these to craft is the Cracked Waterdrop Lunastone and Cracked Roar Lunastone.

Alchemy Potions[edit]

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