A Fortune Teller Machine in the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (BOIR)
Isaac using the Fortune Teller Machine
"Meet stranges without prejudice" - one of the many fortunes you can get from the Fortune Teller Machine

The Fortune Teller Machine is an object in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (TBOIR)

Lets you spend a coin to spawn a random item (see below) or to display a random fortune (see below)

Loot Table[edit]

List of Fortunes[edit]

  • A hanged man brings you no luck today
  • Always look on the bright side
  • Always your head in the clouds
  • Ask again later
  • Believe in yourself
  • Blame nobody but yourself
  • Bring him the photo
  • Choose your own path
  • Come to a fork in the road, take it
  • Do not cry over spilled tears
  • Do not look so hurt, others have problems too
  • Do not lose your head
  • Don't leave the house today
  • Follow the cat
  • Follow the dog
  • Follow the zebra
  • Get a baby pet, it will cheer you up
  • Give up!
  • Go directly to jail
  • Go outside!
  • Go to the next room
  • Have you seen the exit?
  • I feel asleep!!!
  • It is dangerous to go alone
  • Lies
  • Live to die
  • Look to La Luna
  • Lucky numbers: 16 31 64 70 74
  • Marry and reproduce
  • May your troubles be many
  • Meet strangers without prejudice
  • Nobody knows the troubles you have seen
  • Only a sinner
  • Question authority
  • Rebirth got cancelled
  • See what he sees, do what he does
  • Stay asleep
  • Steven lives
  • Sunrays on your little face
  • Take your medicine
  • The devil in disguise
  • Think for yourself
  • Trust good people
  • Trust no one
  • Use bombs wisely
  • Wake up
  • We will all die one day
  • Well that was worthless
  • What do you want to do today
  • When life gives you lemons, reroll!
  • Why so blue?
  • You are dark inside
  • You are playing it wrong, give me the controller
  • You are throwing your life away
  • You are worshiping a sun god
  • You look fat, you should exercise more
  • You make mistakes, it is only natural
  • You were born wrong
  • You will die
  • You will die alone
  • You will never be forgiven
  • Your old life lies in ruin
  • Your princess is in another castle
  • Your soul is hidden deep within the darkness

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If you blow up the Fortune Teller machine, it drops some random pickups
  • If the fortune teller spawns a Crystal Ball, the fortune teller gets destroyed and you cant use it anymore.
  • The X - Wheel of Fortune is a Tarot Card that can spawn a Fortune Teller

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