Badass Constructor

Badass Constructor is a foe in Borderlands 2

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This is a unique foe as it can build the various Hyperion Robots. They are completely immobile, only able to raise or lower itself a little. The version determines what it can summon. They all can generate EXP, GUN and PWR Loaders. The more advanced versions in TVHM or UVHM can also make Badass, Super Badass and RPG Loaders. All of them can almost instantly construct Constructor Turrets.

They can fire off homing missiles from their sides. It is able to fire a laser beam from its eye. They have some ability to fire off small nukes at the player. These are bigger and slower moving than most other missiles. This allows you to shoot them down if you are quick and accurate enough for the shot. All of them can perform a ground pound if the player gets close enough to their base.


The eye on the front of the Constructor is its sole weak point. Be sure to use corrosive damage against it.