Katagawa Jr in Borderlands 3.

Katagawa Jr is a person in Borderlands 3.


Katagawa Jr. is the Head CEO of Maliwan.




Boss: Katagawa Jr[edit]

  • It is time to then take on Katagawa Jr.
  • Katagawa Jr has the ability to create holograms of himself.
  • These holograms work as a distraction to throw you off from his real location.
  • Katagawa can create a large area burst that obscures your vision, creating double vision of him.
  • Katagawa will teleport around, appearing either in the middle of the arena or in one of the 4 towers in the area.
  • Inflicting at least 25% health damage, Katagawa will start to rush around as a blur.
  • He can instantly recharge his shield by jumping onto any of the generators around the area.
  • Do know that you can also break his shields easily if you shoot the generators while he is there.
  • You can get a Second wind by inflicting enough damage on Katagawa to vanish.
  • Nearby the end of the fight, you will need to break an invulnerable shield over Katagawa.
  • To break this, you will need to use one of the generators to break the shield.