The Mystery Polluter is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

The Mystery Polluter is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Dalia in Gerudo Town to begin this quest.



Dalia has been getting a patch of ground ready to plant fruit in. Someone's garbage has gotten in the way of her water source.

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Dalia: Ah... Vai-from-out-of-town... Sav'aaq... *sniff* I wanted to plant an orchard, so... I picked up trash... I pulled weeds... I tilled the ground... I did all the stuff you're supposed to do to make the soil happy... But... But... The trash... All this trash keeps getting washed down into the water trough, and now I can't use the water there anymore. And if I can't use the water anymore... my orchard is doomed!

Calyban: What's with you? How can I enjoy my snack with you staring at me, huh?! Buzz off!

Link: Actually...

Calyban: What? Garbage?!A small vai is having trouble? Oh, sure, you spring this on me out of nowhere and expect me to change MY lifestyle? Well, no. I do what I want! Awww... Don't look at me like that! Fine! FINE! I get it! But I need something from you in return. Altruism is for suckers. Just once... I'd like to eat a Wildberry. You bring me a wildberry, and I can hold off on eating so many melons.

Link: Got it.

Calyban: Wildberries grow in the snowy areas of the Gerudo Highlands. It's a dangerous region, so the fruit is kind of rare and hardly ever shows up at market... Ah. Now that I think on it, there's barely a point if you only bring me one... Let's see... Yes, I'll need at least 10...

Calyban: I haven't been thinking about trash at all. Who can think while in a melon trance? I just can't believe the rinds I'm tossing are such a problem... It's all organic material, right? Well, anyway, I feel bad about the little vai, but I'm going to need at least 10 wildberries if you want me to stop.

Link: Berry delivery!

Calyban: Huh? Really? SWEEEETNESS! So that's a wildberry... It's delicious! And no to toss! What a magical fruit! If I have these, I might just give up on other fruit entirely! But... now I feel bad for the little vai. Now that my craving's been satisfied, I realize just how horribly selfish I've been... Shame on me. I'm going to go help clean up the trash! I've really caused a lot of trouble... but now I'm going to make it right! Sarqso!

Dalia: Ah, vai-from-out-of-town! Sav'aaq! Hey! You! Listen to this! Some other vai I've never met before helped me clean up the trash! And now the water trough is completely back to normal! You told her about the trash, didn't you? Sarqso! Oh! I also got a hydromelon from the lady who cleaned it up! I'll share! Oh, yeah, the lady who helped clean gave me some wildberries! So now my field is gonna be a wildberry patch! You can come eat the berries anytime you like! It'll be great!


Dalia has been working hard to start an orchard, but garbage keeps appearing in her water source, so her efforts are all for a naught. What sort of vile polluter would toss his or her garbage away with such indifference?


The water source got polluted with garbage, so the water has become unusable. The cause turned out to be a woman throwing melon rinds away in the waterway upstream. She says if you bring her 10 Wildberries from the snow-topped peaks of the Gerudo Highlands, she'll stop eating so many melons...

The water was polluted with garbage, so the water became unusable. The cause turned out to be a woman throwing melon rinds away in the waterway upstream. In exchange for 10 wildberries., she agreed to stop eating melons. Maybe the water will clear up now.

Hurry back and report to Dalia.

Dalia plants the wildberries she received from Calyban and said that it's OK to pick them once they grow in.

With the source of the water pollution cleared up, all that's left to do is wait for the wildberries to grow.

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The Mystery Polluter Video Walkthrough

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