Frederick Barbarossa is the German Leader in Civ 6

Frederick Barbarossa is the Leader of Germany in Civ VI


Heroic Frederick, king of the Germans, your task is to forge the independent states that surround you into an empire. You are blessed to be a great military leader – use those skills to bring these cities under your sway so they may develop into commercial and industrial powerhouses. Surely then the bards will sing of mighty Frederick with the red beard, the great Holy Roman Emperor.

Leader Abilities[edit]


Leader Bonus[edit]

Holy Roman Emperor: Additional Military policy slot. +7 Combat Strength when attacking city-states.

Leader Agenda[edit]

Iron Crown: Likes civilizations who do not associate with city-states. Does not like Suzerains of city-states, or civilizations who conquered city-states.


  • U-Boat: A unique naval unit


  • Hansa: A unique district

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • In the Modern era, Germany adds the U-Boat, a premier unit designed to economically disrupt their foes. With their heavy industrial base, Germany can then press forward to victory on any front that they choose.

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