The Mission, “The Inverted Spire” in Destiny 2.

Approach the drilling site is an Objective in the strike The Inverted Spire in Destiny 2.



  • Leave the cave passage you were in and head forward toward the Cabal digging site.
  • On the first platform below the ledge you are on will likely be a Gladiator.
  • Eliminate them from a distance then drop down.
  • On the adjacent platforms you will need to worry about the Psions armed with Sniper Rifles aiming for the Guardians.
  • Jump down to the next platform and you will need to face a pair of Gladiators who will likely rush your team.
  • Drop down onto the descending path to find more Cabal in your path.
  • The next large landing has a number of Globins spread around it that will converge on Guardians they notice.
  • As you get closer to the drilling site, you will find some Cabal ships that will take off as the fireteam approaches.
  • At the edge of the dig site, where it is little more than rubble and dirt, you will see a Cabal Pod come crashing in and release the soldiers from within.
  • Be on guard for a few War Beasts as well in this area.
  • This area also has a number of Goblins in it.
  • Fight through them and crest the edge of the Excavation Site after that.


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