The Objective, “Into the Pyramidion” in Destiny 2.

Into the Pyramidion is an Objective in the Story Exodus Evacuation in Destiny 2.


Complete the Pyramidion strike, and collect Scan Traces by defeating Vex anywhere in Io.

"The black ship's scans may be targeting the Pyramidion. I hope I am mistaken, but that is a rarity." - Asher Mir


  • With the first round of data collected, it is time to head into the Pyramidion and complete the Strike.
  • Throughout it and all over Io, the Guardian will need to take on and destroy at least 40 Vex Units of any model to get the needed Scan Traces.
  • Simply play through the strike from beginning to end (or join in anywhere along the line).
  • Be there to defeat Brakion, Genesis Mind.