The Objective, “Learn from the Reflections of Osiris” in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

Learn from the Reflections of Osiris is an Objective in the Story Beyond Infinity in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.


Travel deeper into the Infinite Forest.

Study Mercury's past.


  • Jump over the gap and head onto the first platform.
  • You will encounter a number of Goblins along that path.
  • Follow it to the right, and then turn to the left.
  • More Goblins are waiting for you.
  • Continue along the walkway and over to the left.
  • This large area has more Goblins and a few Hobgoblins.
  • Fight or run straight through this area.
  • This will lead you to the first "door.'
  • Interact with it to open the door and clear the path forward.
  • Wait for the path to form in front of you else you risk dying.
  • Drop through the opening in front of you, moving forward to avoid being launched upwards.
  • Fight across this section of walkway through the Minotaur and Goblins.
  • There are likely to be some Axis Goblins
  • The next section starts with some Fanatics nearby.
  • Destroy them and continue forward.
  • This will lead to more Goblins and a few Harpies.
  • Go on through the next doorway.
  • You will see some more Axis Goblins and Hydras.
  • You can either fight through or just run along the left-hand side to reach the next doorway.
  • Open the doorway to continue.
  • Go forward a little and take the stairs downward.
  • Destroy the Fanatics in your way and then go through the open doorway in front of you.
  • You are now introduced to Daemons, who must be defeated for the pathway forward to open.
  • The Daemons are easy to spot because of their red glow. There are 3 Goblin Daemons that you will need to defeat to continue forward.
  • Go across the walkway and over to the doorway once the Daemons are defeated.
  • This will lead to the staircase on the left leading and over to one of the towers.
  • Defeat the few Goblins and go into the Tower.
  • This will lead you into the Simulant Past. Continue forward to be taken into it.
  • Follow the Reflection of Osiris as it guides you through the field.
  • The reflection will open another gateway, go through it.
  • This leads back to the forest, run the corridor and into the far gateway.
  • This returns you to the walkways of the Infinite Forest.
  • Go forward, around the central area of this section.
  • This section has a number of Fallen: Heavy Shank, Tracer Shank, Dregs,
  • Go to the far side and open the doorway to continue forward.
  • A walkway will appear in front of with a pair of Dregs on it.
  • If they jump off the walkway, keep on guard, they will reappear at their original spawn point before too long.
  • Climb up the steps to the upper walkway ahead on the left.
  • Use this walkway to get closer to the next Tower.
  • On the upper section, expect to encounter more Dregs, but also some Wretches and another Heavy Shank.
  • Hang back for a short while and force the Wretches to charge you to make things easier.
  • Continue forward to the next section.
  • Drop down and go forward to engage the next group of fallen.
  • There is a Red Door so you must hunt down the 3 Daemons and kill them to unlock it.
  • Open the door after that to engage the final section leading to the next tower.
  • Go up the stairs and into the gateway in front of you.
  • Head down the hallway and into the next portal.
  • This will lead you to the Simulant Future.
  • The Reflection of Osiris will explain this is the future the Vex will lead to the world to.
  • Before long, Panoptes will appear in front of you.
  • The Reflection will open a gateway out of this simulation, run through it before the Unstable Simulation debuff, the Hapries or Panoptes kills you.
  • Run through the gateway because right now you cannot harm the Vex Simulation Mind.