The Milestone, “Void Light Sparking" in Destiny 2.

Void Light Sparking is a Milestone in Destiny 2.


Void Light Sparking[edit]

Rekindle your lost abilities by defeating enemies and fighting alongside your fellow Guardians in Public Events.

Void Focus Restored[edit]

The Milestone, “Void Focus Restored" in Destiny 2.

Return to the Traveler's Shard in the EDZ to activate your Subclass.

  • Go forward and into the portal in front you.
  • This will take the Guardian somewhere in the Dark Forest.
  • Go forward and approach each of the projections. They will give some of the story and origins of the Voidwalker Subclass.
  • Go through the next portal.
  • More projections will be found as well as a number of Fallen you will need to fight through.
  • Go through the next portal.
  • Clear the Fallen and approach the Traveler Shard.
  • Interact with it to unlock the Voidwalker subclass.
  • Clear the Fallen to complete this subclass quest.

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