Wish Room in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Wish Room in the Dreaming City in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


A hidden room found within the opening area of the Last Wish Raid.

Connected Activities[edit]

Getting to the Wish Room[edit]

  • This only requires access to the Raid itself, you will not need to complete any encounters to reach this room.
  • In cavern, before the drop leading to Kalli, look to the left, deeper into the cavern, where you can see the water, opposite the stairs leading upwards.
  • Jump off the ledge there, turning to the right, and aim for the ledge that will come into view with the bright glowing plants on it.
  • On this ledge, turn to the right and jump to the rock you see coming out of the water.
  • On this rock, look upwards to see a ledge with more glowing plants on it.
  • You want to go there next.
  • Turn to the nearby wall and jump up onto the ledge there.
  • From there, turn and head over to the ledge with the glowing plants.
  • Go through the cave in front of you to its exit.
  • Look to the right and jump across the gap to the next opening in front of you.
  • Head through this cavern to reach the Wish Room itself.

The Wishes[edit]

"The wishes that can be granted... oh murderer, mine."

  • Go onto the plate in front of the wall to activate the Wall.
  • The Guardians can now shoot the emblems across the Wish Wall to make different Symbols appear.
  • Each time a "tile" is shot, the symbol will change.
  • It is recommended that multiple Guardians are working on the Wall at once to speed up the tedious process of entering the code for a Wish.
  • The known Wish Codes are :

Wish Symbols[edit]

Wish Videos[edit]

Wish 3 - Video Walkthrough

Wish 4 - Video Walkthrough (Run to Raid Chest)

Wish 8 - Video Walkthrough

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