Divinity: Original Sin

In short, Divinity: Original Sin is a party-based, classless RPG that features turn-based combat and a highly interactive world where players are free to do as they please. It supports drop-in/drop-out multiplayer with a unique cooperative dialog system.

Here are some key phrases to know before embarking on your adventure:


You don't control one hero; you control at least two main characters. Your party will always consist of at least two characters, and your party of two can hire up to two companions. In combat, your party can grow temporarily by magically summoning powerful creatures.


Any character can wear any type of armour or weapon and can learn any type of skill, ability, or talent.


A “role-playing game” is one with deep and meaningful character development; you can truly play the role of any kind of hero (or villain) you can imagine and choose stats, spells, and an appearance to match your imagined character.

Turn-based combat[edit]

The game is played in real-time, except during combat. Turn-based combat is like a game of chess; players act one after another in turns, but what they do during those turns depends on their individual strategy and the circumstances on the board. When combat is over, the game returns to real-time.

Highly interactive[edit]

You can talk to all friendly non-player characters in the game, trade with them, help them, or even kill them if you so choose. Almost all items in the game world can be interacted with- destroyed, picked up, moved, stolen, etc. Items in the world react to one another as you would expect them to: If you set fire to a wooden door, it will eventually burn down. An important part of the magic in the world of Divinity: Original Sin is combining the elements of nature. If a character is frozen, you can melt the ice with fire. If there is a puddle of water, you can turn it into a steam cloud with fire. Many items can be combined: You can bake your own bread, write your own scrolls, forge your own weapons, reinforce your armour, and so forth.


You can go wherever you want and choose what to do and what not to do. If you kill all the important NPCs, you’ll have a hard time gathering experience, but you can still finish the game. If you want to take on level 12 monsters when you are level 8, you are free to do so, and if you succeed, you will gain valuable loot and high experience scores, but it won’t be easy.


At any time, you can invite a friend to join you or you can join a friend’s game, regardless of how far along in the game either of you happens to be.

Cooperative dialog[edit]

When a decision needs to be made, both player characters get to weigh in. You can agree or disagree, and whoever has the stronger personality in that particular conflict will win the debate. These decisions further develop your character