Rulah is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Rulah is an one of the elf prisoners hiding at the Caverns of Fort Joy.

She hates children.




Rulah - No one tells me there are so many children in this Fort Joy. Magisters I handle, but small ones... We do not have many in my tribe anymore. And in yours?

Sebille - [ELF] *Say it is the same among your people. Children are few and far between. *

Rulah -I never know how lucky we are... Do you remember what it is like at home? The quiet, oh, the quiet...


Sebille - [ELF] *Say you haven't been home in a long time. You wouldn't know.*

Rulah - It is a strange moment. Elves travel far from home - or they are taken. I hope you are well, dear one. Go well, dear one. Remember: We are far from home, but we are close to each other.


Rulah - No one tells me there are so many children in this Fort Joy. Your kind I handle, but small ones...

Ifan Ben-Mezd - *Shrug and say kids aren't so bad.*

Rulah • Stay in this cave a while longer. Provoke Mody, the wild one who runs like his clothes catch fire. I see how you feel then. Go find a little one to bother; I take my peace.


The Red Prince - ‘Shudder and agree.*

Rulah - You know what they do? They play a game called ’Scream'. In this game, they see who screams the loudest. I feel the Divine's loss so sharply during' Scream'.


The Red Prince - [SCHOLAR] *Say that children are necessary for a stable population.*

Rulah - An elf lives forever. If she stays away from spears and fire, she has no need for slimy, sticky small ones. Look around you. Your 'stable population' at its finest.



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Rulah does not have much to trade, other then some food related items.


  • "You hear them, don't you? The little ones are everywhere. Worse than magisters..."