Lumber Run is a quest in The Elder Scrolls Blades

Lumber Run is a Main Quest in TES Blades.


Quest Name Lumber Run
Quest Type Main Quest
Prerequisites None
Quest Start Town
Quest Giver Lond
Description I need to get more lumber from Woodhaven Forest, just west of town.
Difficulty Level Level 2
Suggested Player Level Level 1
Secret Areas 1
Next Quest The Goblin Scourge
The Greencap Bandits





  • Find the woodcutters


  • Open the Side Menu
  • Open the Quest Menu
  • Open the quest "Lumber Run"
  • Press "Start"
  • You will be transported to Woodhaven Forest
  • Go through the forest fighting the Wolves and Spriggan along the way.
  • Rescue Varro Matius.
  • He gives you an axe and tells you his wife also needs to be rescued.
  • Rescue Jena Matius.
  • Jena is grateful for you rescuing her and her husband and gives you the lumber you need.


Reward Quantity
Lumber 145
Silver Chest 1
Gold 250
XP 105

Secret Areas[edit]

Lumber Run Secret Area:

  • There is one secret area
  • You should pass by a wooden shack
  • There is a big wooden pole with a skull on it next to the entrance to that shack
  • That is a secret lever
  • Pull the secret lever and the cabin door will open
  • Go through the door to uncover the secret area on the other side of the building.
  • See screenshots below for help finding the secret area:

ElderScrollsBladesLumberRunSecretArea.jpg ElderScrollsBladesLumberRunSecretArea2.jpg ElderScrollsBladesLumberRunSecretArea3.jpg ElderScrollsBladesLumberRunSecretArea4.jpg

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The axe that Varros gives you does cleaving damage and is very effective against Spriggan.
  • Even if you have a slightly better weapon already equipped, you would do better using the axe, especially if you have a bashing damage weapon which Spriggan are resistant to.
  • So unless you have some exceptional legendary weapon equipped, consider switching to the axe just for this quest.