Destroy the satellite dishes is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Destroy the satellite dishes is an objective in the Side Quest, Hero's Journey in Far Cry 5


  • Go to the base of the tower itself and look upwards.
  • You will see a grapple point that you can reach if you have the perk.
  • Climb upward to the first landing on this tower.
  • Go over to the Eastern side and climb up the ladder there to the next landing.
  • Turn to the left at the top of this ladder and climb the next one up as well.
  • At the top of this ladder, look upward to find the first satellite dish.
  • Destroy it using whatever weapon you have on hand.
  • From there, go around the tower to the next grapple point and take it upwards to the next landing.
  • Up there, you will see the next satellite dish to destroy.
  • By where the satellite dish was, climb up the ladder to the next landing.
  • Once there, wait a moment for Larry Parker to show up with a helicopter.
  • Grapple out to the helicopter and turn around.
  • Swing from there onto the very top of the tower.
  • This can be tricky to complete unless you swing directly into one of the dishes toward the edge.
  • Once there, turn and destroy all 3 of the remaining satellite dishes.


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