PIN-K0 Radar Station in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

PIN-K0 Radar Station is a Location in Far Cry 5.


"Eden's Gate is using the abanoned military radar station to keep an eye on the forest and maintain air superiority."

Enemy Types[edit]


  • Because of enemy placement, this is very hard to take down in stealth.
  • It is recommended to do some sneaking, but then focus on disabling the alarms in the area.
  • Be ready for a fight.

  • Start by approaching the Eastern side, coming up the road toward the peak of the moutain where the Radar station is.
  • This will give you access to the Blue Tower, overlooking most of the area, making it fairly easy to mark most of the Cultists in the area.
  • Use the Grappling Hook to climb up onto the Blue Tower.
  • Use the binoculars to search the area and mark most of the Cultists in the area.
  • With them marked, drop off the Eastern side onto the zip line there to get back to the ground.
  • Make your way to the North, getting to the Southern side of the ruined warehouse.
  • Go by the propane tank there and turn to the South.
  • Throw a rock in this direction to lure 1 of the 2 nearby guards out of sight of their compatriot.
  • You can also go into the warehouse and throw a rock to the East to lure 1 of the Cultist into the ruined warehouse.
  • Grab the body and drag it over toward the door.
  • Step out of the door go over to the stone.
  • Look toward the blue door you just came through and throw a rock to lure the nearby Cultist over.
  • Throw a second rock to just past the propane tank to get that Cultists out of the main area for you to takedown.
  • Grab the body and go to the East, dropping the body behind the warehouse.
  • Now, sneak your way across the outpost and over to the North portion.
  • You can easily slip into the first cyndical building to get across easily with minimal risk of being noticed.
  • Slip over the hill to the North and get beyond the hill and out of sight of the Cultists nearby.
  • Continue from there over to the East, going past the tall building there.
  • Take out the Sniper that is patrolling the area.
  • From there, sneak underneath the scaffolding on the Western side.
  • Break the alarm nearby to stop anyone from calling reinforcements.
  • Quickly turn to the South to take out the next alarm.
  • Start fighting the Cultists at this point.
  • Focus on the Defender (aka Heavy) with a strong weapon when they inevitably attack.
  • Gun down any Cultists that are running for the Alarms if you have not shot out the alarms yet.
  • Having Boomer along makes it easier to mark and spot all of the Cultists in the area.
  • Defeat the Judge Wolf and all the Cultists to finish this Outpost.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

PIN-K0 Radar Station Video Walkthrough

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