Secure Fall's End is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Secure Fall's End is an objective in the Main Quest, Liberate Fall's End in Far Cry 5


Secure the town of Fall's End


  • Make your way over to the East, going down the slope toward the church.
  • Head into or go nearby the school bus.
  • Take out the soldier nearby the bus.
  • Head to the East and over to in front of the church.
  • You will see Pastor Jerome being held captive by a Cultist Soldier.
  • Defeat the soldier with a takedown and liberate the Pastor.
  • Now there are more soldiers that need to be found.
  • Go through the church out its SOuthern window onto the street behind it.
  • Head to the East and toward the burning house.
  • In front of the burning house is another Soldier.
  • Approach and take them down quickly.
  • From there, head to the West using the fencing as cover.
  • From behind the fence, wait for the soldier to pass by you.
  • Once they pass by you, jump over the fence and take them out.
  • After this, find the nearby ladder to climb up onto the nearby roof.
  • Take out the Cultist Sniper on the rooftop with a Takedown.
  • Get back down to ground level using either the ladder in the rooftop hatch or the ladder you climbed up on.
  • Now, head into the garage portion of the Mechanic's shop.
  • Sneak around the outside of the shop and takedown the Cultist working the truck.
  • It is recommended to move this body into the garage of the Mechanic's shop.
  • Be sure to grab the RPG launcher in the back portion of the garage while you are there.
  • Head out of the garage over to the West.
  • Nearby the entrance of town is a single Cultist soldier.
  • Kill them with a takedown and then turn to the North.
  • Head between the houses and the fencing toward the next large building, jumping fences as you need to.
  • Go to the left of that Cultist and climb up the ladder.
  • Perform a takedown on the cultist kneeling nearby the machine gun.
  • There are just 2 more, in front of the Spread Eagle with Mary May as their captive.
  • Use the ladder to safely get back down to ground level.
  • Head back to the East and sneak up behind the Cultist VIP and Cultist Soldier.
  • You can easily eliminate both with a quick Chain Takedown or 2 sequential fast takedowns.
  • Liberate Mary May to complete this part of the mission.
  • With all the hostages freed, you will get the notice that an Airplane has come into the area.
  • It will flyby, strafing the area.
  • Climb back onto the roof of the red building, Leased Lager, you were just on.
  • Go to mounted gun and use that to quickly defeat the plane and its pilot.
  • This will liberate Fall's End and unlock more missions from Pastor Jerome and Mary May after a cutscene.


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