Codename Macaw is an Ambush in Far Cry 6 (FarCry6).

Codename Macaw is an Ambush is Far Cry 6.





  • Make your way to the marked location at the Verde Agricultural Vehicles.
  • Arriving there, be ready since there can be 2 Vanguard, 1 Medic, 1 Heavy Gunner at the site.
  • Here, there are at least 2 vehicles of note; a truck with a mounted turret and a tank.
  • The Heavy is guarding the tank, but they aren't too likely to climb in, that is more likely going to be a Vanguard or Assaulter.
  • If someone gets into the tank, either use an EMP Grenade, the Volta Supremo to hijack the tank, or Grenade or Rocket Launchers to quickly destroy the tank.
  • After dealing with the tank (most likely), just finish off any remaining troops in the area.
  • Complete the ambush by collecting the supply drop found nearby the Southern doors of the large garage.


  • 200 xp

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Codename Macaw Video Walkthrough