GTA V: Java Update Coffeeshop

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(java.update()) Coffeeshop

java.update() is a coffeeshop in Los Santos

It is a reference to Java (the coffee bean) and Java (Programming language)

Their signage combines both in a clever way, for example:

   package java.cappuccino;
   import java.shot.milk.foam;
   Public class Breakfast extends Meal {
        Private double espresso
  private int bread;
  private int bacon;
   public void sandwich () {
     bread = 2;
     bacon = 2;
     return bread + bacon;

The written code would not compile. The correct may be:

   public int sandwich () {
     bread = 2;
     bacon = 2;
     return bread + bacon;

A better solution, that would compile could be this:

   public Sandwich makeSandwich() {
       Bread bread = new Bread(2);
       Bacon bacon = new Bacon(2);
       return new Sandwich(bread, bacon);

You can find this shop on Boulevard Del Perro

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