This is a Cyclopedia Bestiary Entry from Pillars of Eternity

Monster Name: Vithrack


The vithrack are extremely rare, very dangerous creatures with natural cipher abilities. They are mostly humanoid in shape, slightly taller and thinner than humans, but boast fanged, spider-like heads. Similarly to spiders, they are capable of spinning silk. Rather than creating webs, they use this skill to fashion complex hive structures, along with their own very intricate and fine robes.

Males and female vithrack are indistinguishable from each other. They are primarily spellcasters and mental manipulators, like ciphers, though they will also attack with their fangs when forced into close quarters. Vithrack psionic powers allow them to communicate mentally with one another. Like many social insectoids, their society includes a variety of specific roles, including scouts and defenders.

Despite their extreme intelligence and power, vithrack are not a major force in the world due to their extremely low birth rates. While these low birth rates are likely responsible for their famed hostility toward other races, they have also made the vithrack highly altruistic when it comes to their own kind. They will defend their nests to the death.