Galactic Stronghold: Getting Started Tutorial in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Start building your home in Star Wars: The Old Republic by purchasing a stronghold today!

You can purchase a stronghold at the appropriate Stronghold Directory. Directories may be found on the Fleet, as well as on the various worlds where strongholds are located, including Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine.

Strongholds are shared across your Legacy, and you can have a maximum of four. Some strongholds, such as the Kaas City and Coruscant Apartments, have a faction alignment. You may travel to these strongholds with any character in your Legacy, but characters aligned with the enemy faction will need to pay a smuggler's fee.

Once you've purchased a Stronghold, you can travel to it by opening the Stronghold Management Window from your Menu Bar and clicking the Travel button.

You can exit your Stronghold by clicking the Exit Area button above your Mini-Map. You will have the option to return to the coordinates you traveled from, as well as an option to exit to the planet your stronghold is located on. If you are a subscriber, you will also have the option to return to the Fleet or to your personal starship.

Your initial purchase of a stronghold will grant you access to the entry area and a handful of rooms. You may expand your stronghold further by clicking on locked doors and making additional purchases with credits or Cartel Coins.

Each expansion you purchase will grant you access to the associated room, increase the maximum number of decorations you can place, and increase your maximum player occupancy.