Great Viper in Secret of Mana.

Great Viper is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 1330
MP 8
Type Serpent

Fighting the Great Viper[edit]

  • The Great Viper will slither onto the battlefield from the trees ringing the arena.
  • This is a very fast foe who will constantly be moving around the arena.
  • If this Snake hits a party member with its bite attack, they will be Pygmized.
  • These characters need to be especially careful since the Great Viper can eat them, doing massive damage in the process.
  • Use Remedy and Medical Herbs on anyone who gets Pygmized during the fight immediately.
  • Any time the Great Viper is in the middle of the arena, it will be easy to hit with your weapons.
  • Otherwise, take aim on it with your Sylphid magic to do heavy damage.
  • Avoid standing in the way of the snake as it moves around the area.


Rewards Value
EXP 1410
GP 1056
  • Drops
    • Sword Orb


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