Addition West Wing Enchanter's Tower in Skyrim Hearthfire

The Enchanter's Tower is an addition to your house in Skyrim: Hearthfire

If your interests lie in the magical realm, this tower addition is for you. Conduct your research in privacy and comfort. Plenty of space for keeping your collections and artifacts organized. And the view from the tower is guaranteed to take your breath away.


Addition West Wing Enchanter's Tower in Skyrim Hearthfire

Addition - West Wing - Enchanter's Tower is a schematic in Skyrim: Hearthfire. It is used by the Player Housing system.

Add the West Wing Enchanter's Tower using the Drafting Table.

Note: You can only add one West Wing section to a house.

You can only expand your house with more wings after completing the Main Hall

The Enchanter's Tower has an Arcane Enchanter station which you can use for enchanting and disenchanting items.


Use this schematic to add a West Wing section containing Enchanter's Tower

Building Sections[edit]


First Floor Walls



Main Supports



Second Floor Supports

Second Floor Walls