Yiga Clan Maritta Branch in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. (TearsoftheKingdom)

Yiga Clan Maritta Branch is a Location/Cave in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


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  • A "hidden" branch of the Yiga Clan.
  • Found in the foothills of the Great Hyrule Forest.







Reaching the Location[edit]

  • This cave is accessible by walking into it.
  • Getting through it is another story.
  • Going inside, you have 2 Yiga talking just inside who have a very good chance to notice Link before long.
  • The Blademaster is the more challenging foe with their Eightfold Longblade.
  • The Yiga Clanmember other has the Eightfold Blade
  • Claim the weapons since they can be very useful.
  • After that, it's time to explore the cave and see about rescuing the tailor the Yiga were talking about.
  • Take some time to head to the Eastern side of the cave and drop down into the hole there.
  • Inside here you can find the Bubbulfrog to the West.
  • You can search around this lowest chamber for Ore Deposits
  • Climb back up and head to the Northern chamber.
  • Inside this Northern chamber you will find craets that likely contain Arrows and there's an open crate with Mighty Bananas.
  • Head over to the East into the next chamber.
  • Inside here, go to the left-hand corner to find a note with some Mighty Bananas sitting nearby.
  • It's now time to find the tailor, and your hint is "Follow the eyes of the frogs".
  • Go back into the main chamber of the Cave.
  • If you look at the frogs with the cloth over their face, you can see they are all looking upwards.
  • You'll see another chamber above you nearby the entrance of the cave hideout.
  • Use Ascend to pass through the stone and reach the hidden chamber above.
  • Inside here you'll find the captured tailor as well as a map of the Yiga Hideouts.
  • You can use this to find the other hideouts.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Yiga Clan Maritta Branch Video Walkthrough