Alpha Invites let you get into the alpha for the game Trove

Infinite Uses Key: 9YR7-HRM7-LYXE-NZQM-QT7R

Signing up for alpha[edit]

Sign up for an invite at and wait for an invitation

Guaranteed access: Beta[edit]

For guaranteed access to beta, buy one of the following packages: Scout package

This gives you guaranteed access to the beta

You can buy the packages here:

Guaranteed access: Alpha[edit]

For guaranteed access to alpha, buy one of the following packages: Adventurer, Knight, Champion, Conqueror, Pixel Master, Voxel Savant

This gives you instant access to the alpha

You can buy the packages here:

Keys from Giveaways and contests[edit]

The table below gathers keys from giveaways and contests. Bookmark this page and Check often for new keys!!

Redeem your key at:

TIP: Make sure you already have a Trion account so that you can redeem the key as soon as its published here

You can also get keys from, as long as you have an account and use this link.

Alpha Key Invite Drop-off[edit]

If you have an alpha invite code you aren't using, drop it off here. If you use a key from the list below, please mark it as "USED". Please also mark non working keys

You can use the Talk Page to thank people for the codes you got, or to request codes

Code Source Issue
Number of uses Status
WJEK-27FT-9FDW-JCZ2-Z3DZ QR Code 11/23/2013 5 EXPIRED
3XN6-YMM7-FGET-ZGFX-FN7T Reddit 11/24/2013 5 EXPIRED
EZPP-KXFN-D2MG-NPL3-P6FL Reddit 11/27/2013 50</span> EXPIRED
YN3X-KQNF-GCLQ-QGH9-FGD5 Reddit 12/25/2013 5 EXPIRED
ZFDM-9FNL-6EMD-NRF3-GYT6 Reddit 12/25/2013 5 EXPIRED
66E7-CGZP-FXNR-XJHN-GHK6 Reddit 12/25/2013 5 EXPIRED
KRP2-K7WX-L6TL-NMZN-J3PJ Reddit 12/25/2013 5 EXPIRED
GM96-XE9M-LMYJ-J9Q2-HM2G Reddit 12/25/2013 5 EXPIRED
YGXM-YF7D-X326-9CRC-3H9G Reddit 01/01/2014 1 EXPIRED
E92X-GQEQ-LNNE-7C2Q-ZXYL Reddit 07/09/2014 50 EXPIRED

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