Earn Nook Miles is a Mission in Animal Crossing New Horizons (AnimalCrossingNewHorizons).

Earn Nook Miles is a Story Mission in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


”Pay off your move-in expenses.”


  • Tom Nook will offer to the Villager to sign them up for his NookMiles program.
  • You will be given a large number of challenges, both listed and unlisted.
  • All these are presented as Stamp Cards inside the NookMiles program.
  • Most of the stamp cards give 300 miles.
  • You need to complete about 17 of these Stamp Cards.
  • The Grand total of miles needed is: 5,000
  • Paying off the 5,000 miles will also grant you access to the New: Nook Miles+.


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Video Walkthrough

[ Earn Nook Miles Video Walkthrough]