TK Baha's Bloody Harvest

Release Date[edit]

US - October 22, 2013


Steam/PS3: $2.99

Microsoft Points: 240


This Halloween themed DLC "Headhunter" pack is the first of three that will be released.

New Content[edit]

This add-on pack contains a single, medium environment.The main quest giver of this DLC is T.K. Baha. He will welcome you to the new area, Hallowed Hollow. THere are only a few new enemies added in this DLC. There are also 4 kinds of Bloody Harvest Candy that can be found and used to boost abilities.

This DLC is built around a fetch mission and a boss fight with the Pumpkin Kingpin. Upon defeating the Pumpkin Kingpin, a new Head can be claimed by the victor. He can be found again in the form of Jacques O'Lantern.


Red Eyed Jack O'Lantern

Possessed TVs


Pumpkin Kingpin

Jacques O'Lantern

Clark the Combusted Cryptkeeper

New Heads & Skins[edit]

TK Bahas Bloody Harvest Heads and Skins

New Enemies[edit]

Reanimated Badass Psycho

Reanimated Marauder

Scorched Reanimated Marauder

Undead Maniac Bomber

Reanimated Psycho

Revenant Skrakk

New Zones[edit]

Hallowed Hollow


The Bloody Harvest

Trick or Treat