Link talking to the Toffa in LoZ: BotW.

Toffa is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.Riddles Of Hyrule


Toffa is one of the stable hands at Outskirt Stable




Toffa: A traveler.. Tell me, have you seen a pure-white horse anywhere? A long time back, my grandfather told me that he once saw the royal family's white horse grazing on Safula Hill... The thing is... just the other day, one of our customers said he saw a white horse on Safula Hill recently... Could it be a relative of the royal family's white horse from my grandfather's day? Well, if you happen to see a white horse on your travels, do you think you could bring it back to me?

Link: Let it to me!

Toffa: Thank you! IF you see the white horse, please register it at a stable and bring it to me. The white horse on Safula Hill supposedly has a beautiful, pure-white coat without any mottling. I hear it's very elusive, though. Good luck.

Toffa: What? What? You brought the royal family's white horse? Well I'll be... Grandpa wasn't lying! Son, you just made my life. Staying alive in this godforsaken land may just have been worth it after all. I've got a surprise for you. My grandpa handed this down to me, and now I'm handing it down to you. I present to you...the royal family's saddle and bridge! Custom fitted for the white royal horse!

Toffa: The white horse that Princess Zelda rode. The one my grandfather told me about when I was little... The sight of the princess riding atop the white horse was supposed to be a beauty beyond words... There's no doubt about it, this horse is the grandchild of that horse of long ago. So beautiful... So pure...