The Public Event, “Cabal Excavation” in Destiny 2.

Cabal Excavation Public Event is a Public Event in Destiny 2.


Override the Mining Lander.


  • There is a white circle around the base of the Mining Lander which the Cabal drop.
  • Guardians need to remain inside the circle around the Mining Lander until it is fully disabled.
  • Be mindful of the red circles that appear around the Mining Lander.
  • These circles are for missile targeting that location.
  • Once the override is complete, the event is done.

Walkthrough - Triggering Heroic[edit]

  • During the fight, a Thresher will fly into the area and make a few passes.
  • The guardians in the Public event need to shoot down the Thresher to trigger the Heroic version.
  • This will summon in the Excavation Valus.
  • This Cabal solider will join the fray with a pack of War Hounds as their aid.
  • Clear out the minions and then focus your efforts on the Excavation Valus.