Camp Boss Griff at the Camp Kitchen of the Fort Joy Ghetto in Divinity: Original Sin II (D:OS2)

Camp Boss Griff is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found at the Fort Joy Ghetto in the Camp Kitchen


Camp Boss Griff, while a prisoner himself, appears to be the "boss" at the Ghetto. Other prisoners give him portions of any profits they make.


Fort Joy Ghetto
Fort Joy Ghetto

At the Camp Kitchen



Narrator - *Griff is slowly, methodically peeling the skin from a potato. As you approach, he looks up, setting the potato, but not the sharp little knife, down on the table.* Camp Boss Griff - What.

Sebille - [SEBILLE] *Lean on the table and give him a sideways look. Ask if he’s the Griff you’ve heard so much about.*

Narrator - *He kicks the table half an inch, forcing you to your feet.*

Camp Boss Griff - *Ahem* Out with it.

Sebille - [SEBILLE) *Give him a wink and tell him you're looking for the local alpha to give you the lay of the land.*

Narrator - *He smirks and holds the little knife up to the light, watching it glint.*

Camp Boss Griff • I'm listening.

Sebille - *Say you've heard he's a good friend to have, and ask if there’s anything you can help him with.* Narrator - *He points the tip of his blade at the grisly sight of the elf hunched over, clutching his knees in the cage.*

Camp Boss Griff -I solve my own problems.

Sebille - *Ask what he knows about the Magisters and their 'cure' for Sourcerers.*

Camp Boss Griff - They'll cure you of your Source. Nightshade will cure you of a headache, too.

Sebille - *Say you're looking for a way out of this place.*

Camp Boss Griff - Can’t help you there. *Ahem* If I could, I wouldn't be here peeling goddamn potatoes.

Sebille - *Say you're interested in trade.*

Camp Boss Griff - Sure. Have a look.

Sebille - *Take your leave.*


Narrator - *Griff glanccs from his blade, to you, and back again.*

Sebille - *Say you'd like to discuss your deal.*

Camp Boss Griff - You already know the terms. Nothin' else to say.

Sebille - *Take your leave.*




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Camp Boss Griff has various items for sale. Mostly food related, but also some scrolls and other miscellaneous stuff.