Lohse is a Companion in Divinity: Original Sin 2

First encountered on board The Hold in the Lower Decks next to a group of children. She cannot be recruited when you first find her.

Later, can be found at the Fort Joy Ghetto, in front of the Shrine to the Divine.


Fort Joy Ghetto
Fort Joy Ghetto


Lohse - *A gaunt young woman is staring intently at the statue to the Seven, one arm outstretched, frozen in place. She has the color and bearing of a wax sculpture.*

Sebille - *Gently call out to her and ask if she's all right. *

Lohse - *Her head snaps to you mechanically and her eyes lock with yours. They are dark and lifeless, pupils dilated into great, black voids.* ‘Light suddenly flashes back into her face and her whole body relaxes.* Hi! And who'reyou?

Sebille - [SEBILLE] *Greet her and say you’re Sebille.*

Lohse - That's a lovely name. Makes me wonder why you have so many names written all over you, though. Of course I've got a lot of names too! But not today. I’m Lohse. Pleased to meetcha. *She bows low, cat-like.*

Sebille - *Ask if she can explain what she was doing just a moment ago. She seemed almost possessed.*

Lohse - Ah, that? It's nothing really, it's just... I'm just a bit... well, a bit hospitable.

Sebille - *Ask how she wound up here in Fort Joy.*

Lohse - Ah, boring story. Magisters, Source, the-divine- died-and-I-got-possessed-by-unknown-forces-of-the-dark, same old story.

Sebille - *Tell her she's going to have to elaborate.*

Lohse - It’s... hard to explain. You’ve never been a... host, I bet. That's because you're an infested clump of leaves on the side of the road. That ain't bad though. I'd give just about anything to be like you. But... I'm not. I'm a... a roadside inn. Red door, flowers out front, friendly lady at the door beckoning you in for half price. A pretty friendly place to set up. Like a goddamn gold star inn for the disembodied. They just love me. They visit... often.

Sebille - *Ask her who (or what) she was 'hosting' a few moments ago.*

Lohse - Now isn't that just the question of the hour. I can’t be sure just yet. I know demons, and it doesn’t feel like a demon. Definitely not a sprite, either. M-a-a-a*ybe a spectre, but I wouldn't bet money on it... So. What brings you to the Joy? The scenic views? The smell of rancid soup and desperation?

Sebille - *Say the Magisters hauled you in. Something about being a 'danger to yourself and society'.*

Lohse - Yeah. Same story here. Reckon in my case they might actually be right, though. So. You wanna get the lay of the land together? Strength in numbers and all that.

Sebille - ‘Hesitate. Mention you're not so sure about a travel companion with an otherworldly spirit inside her.*

Lohse - Who said anything about 'otherworldly? Demons and brain-ghosts are just as mundane as you or I! Mostly you. So...? Wanna go toge-e-e-e-ther?

Sebille - *Say that sounds like a good idea.*

Lohse - Well, that was easier than I thought! And I'll do my best to stay... myself. Lead the way!




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