Sitting and Waiting in New Pokemon Snap (NewPokemonSnap).

Sitting and Waiting is part of the Research Requests in New Pokemon Snap.


Requested By[edit]


Hey, it looks like that Zangoose is waiting for something. What do you suppose it is?

Research Requests[edit]

  • At the start of the Blushing Beach Night Level 2, look forward toward the rocks out from the beach.
  • Tag the Primarina with an Illumina Orb.
  • It will glow, then dive into the water and swim off.
  • Look to the left across the edge of the beach and spot the Zangoose which will start running along the beach.
  • Draw out the Seviper in the bushes nearby by throwing Fluffruit.
  • Watch the Seviper and Zangoose fight, then start using your turbo.
  • Going forward, watch for the scan alert to the alternate path on the other side of the stone archway
  • Use your Scanner to access this alternate path.
  • You will see the Primarina singing here for the gathered Pokemon on the beach.
  • Throw an Illumina Orb onto the Crystabloom next to the Primarina.
  • Look to the rocks at the top of the beach to spot the sleeping Zangoose here.
  • Watch this Zangoose as it bobs its head.
  • Get photos while it is nodding along with the Primarina's song.