Forsworn Briarheart

Forsworn Briarheart is an undead foe in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They have undergone a ritual, having their heart replaced with a Briar Heart to gain more power. While techincally undead, they will still show up when Detect Life is cast and not Detect Dead.


There are 2 varieties of Brairhearts: Casters and Fighters.

Casters have a one-handed weapon and then attack with either fire or frost destruction magic. They will shield themselves, summon an atronach then start attacking with their preferred element. They will attempt to keep at range to avoid getting cut down.

Fighters will be dual wielding axes or swords. They do a lot of damage when they get close.

Soul Size[edit]



Briar Heart - Successfully pickpocketing this item instantly kills the Briarheart

Various goods and gold

Locations Found In[edit]


Sundered Towers

Kolskeggr Mine

Bard's Leap Summit