Spintires Tutorial

How to play Spintires: use minimap [F1] to see where garages, fuel station, lumber station, objectives and other trucks are. Remove minimap Cloakings by driving next to them. Unlock other trucks by driving next to them.

Deliver addons with garage points to locked garages to unlock them. Install addons, then follow to lumber station, pick up load and deliver to objective. If out of fuel/seriously damaged, use addons special abilities to repair/refuel or tow with other trucks.

Use [W],[A],[S],[D] to control the truck! Press [Space] for parking brake, and [H] to toggle headlight.

Hit [1] to toggle camera view (or left-click + move mouse) You can also use gamepad (Menu [Esc] > Controls > Xbox360) Use mouse wheel to zoom camera.

[Q] When diff lock is ON, wheels will always spin with the same speed.

When it's OFF (default) torque is applied to wheels that have contact with ground. Truck consumes considerably more fuel with diff lock ON.

[E] By default (OFF), torque is applied to rear axles only, Truck consumes considerably more fuel with all wheel drive ON.

While dragging gearbox (after clicking the gear stick tip or pressing [R]) Press right mouse button to force acceleration.

By pressing [V] or clicking [Advanced] - you access additional game controls. Use it to access special ability or installed addons and winch, like - controlled mechanisms (used to load up manually) - Fuel capacity to fuel current and nearby trucks - repairs capacity to repair current and nearby trucks

Suggested steps[edit]

1. Use the minimap to find out where are the garages, fuel station, lumber station, objectives and other trucks.

2. To remove the minimap’s cloaking you need to drive next to them.

3. To unlock other trucks you should drive next to them.

4. Pick add-ons with the garage points at unlocked garage to unlock other garages.

5. Install add-ons and then follow to the lumber station, pick up the load and deliver to the objective.

6. If your truck is out of the fuel or seriously damaged, use other trucks with add-ons to repair, refuel or winch stuck trucks.