Kill Kjotve the Cruel is an objective in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (ACV).



  • It is time for Eivor to face off against Kjotve the Cruel.
  • This giant of a man will plant his twin axes in a post and come after Eivor with only his bare fists at first.
  • This fight is one of the most important times to really master dodging, which will give Eivor the openings they need to attack Kjotve in the recoil of his swings.
  • Getting Kjotve down by 25% health, he will go and reclaim his axes.
  • Take your time to watch Kjotve's swings and see the openings around the attacks themselves.
  • Watch for the runes or glows that will mark the incoming attacks.
  • Wait for the swing itself to start before dodging the attack and then charge back in after that to get a hit or two.
  • Once you get Kjotve to 50% health, he will shoulder charge and grab Eivor, bringing them over the nearby ledge.
  • Keep up much the same attack pattern against Kjotve.
  • At the end of the fight, Eivor will attack with the hidden blade, taking down Kjotve.
  • This will trigger a vision for Eivor with Odin.
  • After that, you will encounter Gorm, who is telling the Raven Clan to stand down.