Collect these drifter eggs for Dietmar in the mission "Egg on Your Face"

Egg on Your Face is a mission from Sir Hammerlock's Game Hunt DLC in Borderlands 2


Hard Boiled.

Find eggs for Dietmar Von Heinrichzimmerschneit

Mission Types[edit]

Side Quest (Optional Mission)

Starting Location[edit]

Hunter's Grotto Bounty Board


Dietmar Von Heinrichzimmerschneit


Collect Drifter Eggs 0/23

Kill Arizona

Turn in: Hunter's Grotto Bounty Board


Hunter's Grotto


Collect lotsa Drifter eggs then kill the Drifter Queen.








Mission Briefing[edit]

Dietmar: Zee documentary I am filming about you needs the scene of a warrior collecting. Eggs collecting is extremely popular with my target audience. Retrieve some for me and I will narrate your decent into the epi-center of the human soul.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

The queen falls and eggs collected. This tale comes to a close, as the vault hunter returns to me, eggs in hand, eager for payout.

The quest was hard, but you made it seem OVER EASY. Sorry.


Most of this mission you will be spending collecting Drifter Eggs. These are found all around Hunter's Grotto, not necessarily just in the spots that there are Drifters.

It might take you a while to find all the eggs.

After you have gathered 23 eggs you need to kill the Drifter Queen, Arizona. She is in some cave, check map for waypoint and enter the Caverns there. Arizona can be tough to kill but use terrain to your advantage.

When you are done, return to the Bounty Board to complete the mission