King Mong, a named Bullymong boss. A reference to King Kong. Borderlands 2

King Mong is a Bullymong boss in Borderlands 2.

This enemy is an Easter Egg, a reference to the classic movie "King Kong"

How to find King Mong[edit]

King Mong is a rare spawn in the Eridium Blight, in the south part between the exits to Hero's Pass and Ore Chasm

He is a rare spawn meaning he won't always be at his location. To find King Mong, use a Light Runner and patrol the area in Eridium Blight between the Hero's Pass and Arid Nexus exits. If you do not see him, leave the game and come back and patrol again. You might have to do this many times until King Mong spawns.

King Mong Orange Drop[edit]

The King Mong Legendary Drop is a Badaboom Rocket Launcher such as Big Badaboom

King Mong Badaboom Drop Rate[edit]

Drop Rate for Badaboom is 4.5%

Achievements - Trophies[edit]

There is no achievement or trophy for killing King Mong, only for killing Donkey Mong

kill King Mong while slagged for challenge

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