The Talon of God

"The Talon of God" is the final story mission in Borderlands 2

Mission Type[edit]

Story Mission

Start location[edit]


How to start[edit]

Speak to Mordecai after coming Data Mining. Be sure you have a Corrosive-type weapon on hand as there are a lot of Loaders in the early parts of this mission.


Hero's Pass

Vault of the Warrior

Optional Objectives[edit]

Talk to Tannis

Talk to Zed

Talk to Scooter

Talk to Moxxi

Talk to Hammerlock

Talk to Marcus

Let Lilith kill Handsome Jack


Talk to Claptrap - Talking to Claptrap removes all remaining Sanctuary objectives. Talk to him last!

Go to Eridium Blight

Meet Claptrap

Follow Claptrap

Defend Claptrap

Continue alone

Find Jack

Kill Jack

Defeat the Warrior

Call Moonshot

End this


Money and XP

Mission Briefing[edit]

It is time to end this.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Minion - we defeated jack, destroyed the Warrior, and saved Pandora! If that doesn't deserve a high-five, NOTHING does!

Previous Mission[edit]

Data Mining

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