The Objective, “Anomaly Collapse” in Destiny 2.

Anomaly Collapse is an Objective in the Quest The Whisper in Destiny 2.


Complete the challenge of the Anomaly before it collapses.


Jumping Puzzle[edit]

Movement boosting Exotics are key for the Jumping Puzzle portion and make it very easy to speed up portions of the run.

  • Recommended Equipment:
  • Once inside the Lost Sector: Grove of Ulan-Tan, you will see the normal Vex, but they will quickly vanish.
  • Make your way up to the Cache at the end of the Lost Sector itself.
  • You can bypass the whole Lost Sector with the augmented Jumping with the Lion Rampart and ST0MP-EE5
  • You can jump onto the rocks to the left of the cache beyond the tree nearby it.
  • From the cache, look across and you will see a new pathway in front of you
  • Jump across to the new passage
  • Inside this passage, you will find a Taken Blight blocking your passage forward.
  • Run into the Blight and destroy it.
  • From there, you will have find an opening in the floor below where the Blight was.

  • Start by running forward and through the openings in front of you.
  • After the 2 openings, you reach the first jump across a pit and through the narrow opening in front of you.
  • This leads to the red lit room.
  • The red light will mostly be your guide to know where to go throughout this puzzle, but there are times it will mislead you.
  • Jump down to the red lit ledge in front of you.
  • Land on the ledge, run and slide under the low opening to progress forward.
  • As you approach the edge of the ledge, you will need to worry about a hidden small piston that can knock you off the ledge.
  • Jump over to the ledge in the red light and look down to see the next red lit ledge with more pistons that can push you off.
  • Run past the first 3 pistons and then look down and to the left.
  • You will see a walkway beyond you, jump over to it.
  • Turn to the left and run off the ledge, going from there over to the 2 red-lit platforms.
  • Jump from one to the next and then over to the red-lit landing over to the right.
  • Continue to the ledge in front of you.
  • Jump around the corner and turn to the right.
  • Jump again to reach the ledge above you and onto the blue-lit landing.
  • Go forward and get over to the left-hand ledge.
  • You now need to crouch and then go along the ledge being mindful of the sliding blocks.
  • Proceed along the ledge one block at a time and get to the far end.
  • At the far end, you can stand back up.
  • Look across the gap to see the red lit ledge with the 2 half-domes above it, coming from the wall.
  • Head over to the right, where you will see a Vex Block on the wall that you can jump onto.
  • This piece acts as an elevator.
  • Warlocks and Titans can jump onto the right-hand semi-dome and simply jump up to the next blue-lit ledge you need to reach.
  • On this ledge, turn to the left with the platform, DO NOT FOLLOW THE RED LIGHT!
  • Go forward having turned left on the ledge to reach the passage that will lead you onward.
  • Go inside and follow it to the right.
  • This will lead you into a diamond shaped corridor you will need to cross through.
  • The Blue-lit section is stationary, but as soon as you enter the red-lit section, there are moving pieces.
  • There are 2 large pistons on the bottom right that will rise and fall.
  • Just past them, from the top left, are other pistons that will fall, blocking your path.
  • Quickly transverse this area and continue into the vast open chamber in front of you.
  • Here, you will see narrow ledges with Taken Burst Spots (the blast that can cause the Guardian be thrown away from it).
  • Jump over to the left-hand ledge first, attempting to land there just as the burst.
  • Quickly jump over to the next ledge on the right, again trying to land there after the burst.
  • Be careful as you approach the third ledge, Sniper Vandal will spawn behind you!
  • Land on the third platform and immediately slide under the overhang, dodging the Taken Burst.
  • Continue forward to the fourth and fifth platforms.
  • These are "guarded" by a Taken Knight.
  • You can also see a blue-lit opening ahead of you.
  • Run and jump over to the blue-light.
  • Go down this short hallway, jumping over the gap in front of you onto the walkway beyond it.
  • Go to the end of the red-lit ledge.
  • Turn to the right and look toward the half-domes.
  • Run and jump over to those half-domes and on tothe ledge just above the first set.
  • From there, head all the way to the end of the ledges.
  • Go to the back right portal and jump through it.
  • Slide on down it and get to the next section.
  • Run into the light into the "Moss Room."
    • There are 2 paths through the Moss room, below is the fastest way out.
  • Once in this room, drop over the first ledge and STOP!
  • Turn around and crouch, this will let you get underneath the stones in front of you and into the dark area.
  • Ghost will appear and lit up the area.
  • Go forward, over to the right, dropping over the ledge there and then forward across the gap there.
  • Turn to the right just after that, going up the stairs there.
  • Keep to the right, going past the long corner and then forward toward the opening.
  • You will see the narrow ledge on the left.
  • You will want to run along the ledge to the far side of it.
  • This leads to another platform standing over a pit.
  • Look down and across from you to spot a white-lit doorway.
  • Run and jump to reach this doorway well below you.
  • Go over the pit in front of you, but be mindful of the small section of moving stone above the target ledge!
  • Head to the back and turn to the left.
  • Jump onto the left-hand ledge in front of you.
  • Go to the end of the ledge and then jump across to either the small ledge or simply straight into the red-lit opening in the back left.
  • Go through this last red-lit room and turn to the right.
  • Go into the white-lit section and drop over the ledge.
    • Change your equipment to your combat set-up.
  • This will lead you into the first encounter room.

Encounter Room 1[edit]

Attempt to reach this section with 15 minutes to spare to have lots of time for the encounters.

  • This first encounter room requires that you clear it for you to progress on through.
  • There are a number of hovering Taken Grenades, 4-5 Blights and a number of taken foes scattered around.
  • The first grenade is just in front of you as you enter
  • Behind it to the left is a Blight.
  • In the back left, in the upper area, you will encounter a Taken Captain.
  • In the very back left you will find 1 of 2 Sniper Taken Vandals.
  • Another Sniper Taken Vandal is in the very back right.
  • Also in the back right is a Taken Captain.
  • Scattered throughout the room you will encounter Taken Thralls.
  • Getting through the first wave, you will have a second one spawn in.
  • This one has Taken Goblins and Vandals inside it.
  • In the middle you will find a grouping of Taken Vandals.
  • Defeating all of the enemies in this room will cause the Darkness Webbing over the back door to manifest, allowing the Guardian to destroy it.

Encounter Room 2[edit]

  • This is a much smaller room, but it presents a greater threat for it.
  • Inside you will encounter 2 Taken Captains, and a number of Taken Vandals.
  • It is recommended for someone to use their Super here to quickly eliminate the Taken Captains here, opening the way forward.

Encounter Room 3[edit]

  • Once again, you are in a large room with a number of Taken you will need to defeat.
  • On a ledge on the left you will see a Taken Knight you will want to prioritize.
  • Move over to the left from there and look straight back.
  • There you will see 1 of 3 Wizards that are in this room that you will want to defeat.
  • Move to the platform that had that first Knight after that.
  • Look to the right-hand side, across the way, to spot another Taken Knight.
  • Look down a little from that ledge to find another of the Taken Wizards.
  • Go up and to the left from there to take on the Taken Hobgoblin nearby.
  • Continue to move forward and look over to the left, toward the back left.
  • There, you will find another Taken Hobgoblin you need to defeat.
  • Nearby them, you can see the final Taken Wizard.
  • This one is quick to duck into a cave in the very back left of this room.
  • There are at least 4 Blights scattered throughout the room.
  • Throughout the room you will need to worry about a few Taken Acolytes.
  • In the front right of the room you will encounter a Taken Knight with a few Taken Acolytes.
  • Defeat all of the Taken and the Taken Webbing in the very back of the room, where the last Blight is, will manifest.
  • Destroy it and move into the last corridor.

Encounter Room 4[edit]

  • This is the final room before the boss room, and it can be a little tricky.
  • The minimum you need to do to progress is eliminate the Taken Hobgoblins in the area.
  • The first is almost straight across from you.
  • The second Hobgoblin is on top of the nearest pillar.
  • Turn around at this point to deal with a pair of Taken Centurions that are attempting to flank you.
  • Look to the left and up to the next straight pillar to the left to find the next Hobgoblin.
  • Next, it is recommended to star clearing all of the Taken Psions in the area.
  • Having cleared them out, turn your focus to the Taken Webbing that appears over the opening in the middle of the floor.
  • Shoot the center of the web to break it.
  • Drop down here to reach the final room.

Boss Room[edit]

Opening Wave[edit]

  • Before triggering the encounter, time to focus on clearing 2 of the Blights to make eliminating the bosses easier.
  • Go to the first Blight on the Left and attack its core.
  • Destroy it and then it is time to move onto the next Blight.
  • Go to the next Blight past the middle on the right-hand side.
  • Rush into it and destroy the Blight.
  • With the preparations complete, it is time to defeat all of the Taken Phalanx and Taken Centurions.
  • If you have a Hunter Arcstrider with the Raiden Flux armor, they can quickly destroy most, if not all of the Phalanx.
  • Once you clear all of the basic adds, return to where you entered this large chamber.

The Bosses[edit]

  • The first boss, Drevis, Aspect of Darkness is the Taken Captain who will be the closest to where you are in cover.
  • Drevis, while you are at range, will constantly be attacking with the Darkness Balls that can blind you.
  • Moving in is risky because you will also need to deal with the Arc Taken Shrapnel Launcher.
  • Drevis will mostly move left and right in the front area of this arena.
  • The next boss is Ta'aurc, Aspect of War.
  • This Taken Centurion will mostly attack with its Axiom Bolts if you are in cover.
  • given the chance, it will use its gun.
  • Most of the time, it will be moving around the middle of the arena.
  • Given enough time, Ta'aurc will move to the back of the arena and start attacking from the far back Blight.
  • The final boss to encounter is Urzok, Aspect of Hate, likes to be in the middle left portion of the arena.
  • There is a nearby cave that you can hide in to avoid most of its attacks and have a safe space to attack from.


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