Awoken Caches in Debris of Dreams.

The Awoken Caches in the Awoken Caches in Debris of Dreams found within the Shattered Realm.

The Harbinger Cache[edit]

  • Make your way to the Shattered Enclave and head to the True Sight Anchor found on the path just outside the location of the first beacon.
  • Use the Anchor to invoke True Sight.
  • Go across the Ascendant Platforms, grabbing the Ascendant Anchor if you haven't done that already.
  • This will bring you to the large island with the Field of Strife, the Vista.
  • From here, go over to the nearby True Sight Anchor to refresh your True Sight.
  • Immediately turn to the right and head along the outside edge of the Vista.
  • Toward the far end of the Vista.
  • You will find a hovering metal ball, this is the cache.

Corsair's Tale Cache[edit]

  • Getting this requires having cleared at least the first beacon.
  • Return to The Ruined Outpost and look for the Glimmer Drill on the far side of the opening with the slow rotating turbines.
  • To progress, you will need to defeat the Drill Crew here.
  • Defeating all of them will drop an orb of Unrefined Ascendant Energy, grab this to work toward the Mystery: Refined Power.
  • Turn toward the Industrial Facility from there.
  • Head for the back part of the Facility, where you can see the large staircase.
  • Go to the ground part just behind the stairs.
  • Here, you will find a Barrier Anchor adjacent to a Barrier itself.
  • Head through the barrier and you will find the Refined Mystery, but it is across from an active teleporter.
  • Step onto the teleporter to be brought to the Overlook.
  • Go over to the right and to the far end of the Overlook.
  • Along the way, you will find a True Sight Anchor.
  • From the anchor, look to the right where you can just see another Ascendant Platform.
  • Move along here to find a small floating island with the Hidden Refuge Mystery.
  • Claim the mystery if you haven't already, and look to the doorway to the left.
  • You will find the next cache sitting there.

The Conjuring Cache[edit]

  • From the Second beacon, you will want to head into the ladder shaft and climb on up.
  • At the top of the ladder, just across from you is a door with a control panel just to the right.
  • Open the door using the control panel with the pyramid icon.
  • Clear out the Scorned who are just inside the room.
  • After that, go over to the right from the entrance of the room, where you can see a Barrier Anchor in front of barrier with a Field of Strife on the other side.
  • Go on through the Barrier with Barrier Breach and enter the Field of Strife.
  • Navigate on through it carefully, leading to the Sealed Stash Mystery just inside to the right.
  • Head away from that, going for the next door on the right.
  • From there go over to the right and then across the room to the left and through the open doorway, being mindful of the grenades.
  • Go through the doorway and down the stairs to exit the Field of Strife.
  • Exit the building, sliding under the tripmine grenades that cover the exit doorway.
  • Head on up the slope to the right toward the next white building you can see.
  • Nearby this building is a True Sight Anchor.
  • Go to this anchor and activate it.
  • Turn around and face toward the wall to find the next Awoken Cache.