The Objective, “Find signature traces” in Destiny 2.

Find signature traces is an Objective in the Adventure Enhance! in Destiny 2.


Search the storefronts in town for a path that leads to the signature fiven off by Cabal technology.


  • Make your way to the Northeastern portion of Trostland.
  • Along the Eastern side of Trostland you will find a few store fronts to investigate.
  • The one you want is the first on the Eastern side.
  • You need to duck or slide under a plank to get inside and there are more Empyrean Dregs and Empyrean Vandals on the other side.
  • Eliminate those Fallen and then drop down the hole in front of you.
  • Follow the tunnel to its end, fighting off the Fallen that get in your way.
  • This path will lead you into Terminus East, a Lost Sector.