Destiny 2: Gather data from Cabal Consoles - Invitation from the Emperor

From Orcz
The Objective, “Gather data from Cabal Consoles” in Destiny 2.

Gather data from Cabal Consoles is an Objective in the Adventure Invitation from the Emperor in Destiny 2.


Download data for transmission.


  • In the chamber below you will be encountering a variety of Cabal.
  • Your goal will be to make a circle around the room and interact with 3 consoles spread throughout it.
  • In the center you can see a Centurion and a few Legionaries.
  • On the ledges above 2 of the consoles, you must deal with 2 Psions.
  • Heading over to the left you will encounter 1 of the 2 Psions.
  • On the ground, you will encounter more Legionaries and a few Phalanx.
  • Clear them then approach the first console and interact it.

  • Continue around the room toward the next terminal.
  • You will need to fight through more Legionaries and Phalanx.
  • This terminal is just a short distance from the central section of this platform.
  • Interact with the terminal to make more progress.

  • Go to the final section of the room.
  • There are more Legionaries and Phalanx that are trying to stop you.
  • There are 2 more Psions in the area helping the other Cabal.
  • Clear out the Cabal and interact with the final terminal.


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