Give Barilzar the Components is one of the quest tasks in the quest "Divine Intervention" in ESO Morrowind

"Give Barilzar the Components" is a quest objective in the quest Divine Intervention in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind.


I retrieved all three components needed to create the tonal inverter. Now to see if Barilzar can build the device he promised.




Quest Items[edit]


  • Barilzar: Ah, I remember! The components for the tonal inverter! Were you able to acquire them?
  • Player: Yes, I recovered the sonance generator, the inversion conduit, and the manual clockwork shaft.
  • Barilzar: Impressive! I thought I'd never see you again. That's what usually happens when I employ hirelings to acquire rare and exotic items from dangerous locations. Well, the Great Gear doesn't dawdle and neither do I! Hand them over and I'll get to work.
  • Player: Here are the items you requested.



Divine Intervention Quest[edit]

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]


  • "Have you only just arrived or is this you returning? I can't always keep the cogs and pistons in line." -Barilzar

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