Mission parameters

Bone Crusher is a Trials of the Rakyat side quest in Far Cry 3.


150 points: $250

200 points: 400 XP

250 points: $500


This Trial begins in a jeep. The only way you can kill things is by hitting them with the jeep. This makes things especially tricky because you cannot get the usual bonuses for takedowns and headshots. Instead, you'll have to focus on scooping up as many kills under your car as humanly possible.

Aim for clusters of enemies, and try to predict which way the enemies are going to dive just before you hit them and adjust accordingly. If you watch an enemy's legs, you can typically tell which way they are about to dive just before they move.

Finally, hit every Time Barrel that you can; there are a few located on the main road in the middle of the map.