Survive until extraction is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Survive until extraction is an objective in the Main Quest, The Cleansing in Far Cry 5


Stay alive with Merle Briggs until you are extracted by the Resistance.


  • Turn back toward the bridge.
  • You now need to hold out against a number of waves of Cultist Soldiers that will be coming after you.
  • You only need to hold out for 2 minutes and you have access to the Mortar that has a lot
  • Only a few come in the first wave, and you can eliminate most of them by throwing a Proximity Explosive onto the bridge.
  • 1 of that wave will run into the ravine and attempt to ambush you from below.
  • Use the Mortar moderately to spot and bomb incoming groups.
  • Some well placed remote or proximity explosives can also go a long way to hold your ground.
  • Aim well ahead of where the Cultists are going because of the long load animation to fire the mortar.
  • Get to the end of the duration and you are done.


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