To Matango is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


The party needs to find their way through the Great Forest to find the Kingdom of Matango.


  • Head South through the empty Sprite Village and back into the Spring Secret of the Great Forest.
  • From there, go to the Southwestern exit of it to reach a small summer section.
  • Here you will encounter some Silktails and Crawlers.
  • Go over to the left and look for the Gem sitting on a high rock formation.
  • You can use Analyze from Primm to learn that the crystal needs to be hit with Sylphid magic.
  • Use any of Popoi's Sylphid damage dealing magic.
  • This means using Air Blast or Thunderbolt on the crystal to strike the gem and revealing a path to the area beyond.
  • Just on the other side you will encounter a Crawler and a Silktail.
  • Head up to the North and then go to the West.
  • As you head toward the exit to the next section, you will encounter a Nemesis Owl.
  • In this next section, you will encounter Steamed Crabs and Water Bandits.
  • Make your way to the Northwestern part of this section of forest.
  • Go up into the next section of forest.
  • Just inside this new section you will encounter a few Silktails nearby and a Crawler.
  • Fight your way through the middle of the area and to the Northeastern cave entrance.
  • In the middle you will encounter a few more Steamed Crabs.
  • Go into the cave to get close to your goal.
  • Just inside the cave you will encounter a Kimono Bird.
  • Be wary of these birds since they will summon in Pebblers.
  • Defeat any summoned enemies and the Kimono Bird.
  • Equip your Axe and smash the nearby Stalagmites with it.
  • Head out of the cave through this newly revealed Southwestern exit.

  • This will take you into Matango.
  • Talk with the Fung's to learn a little about the kingdom itself.
  • Head South and over to the West.
  • Head to the North after that.
  • This is the entrance to the Fung Castle itself.
  • To the left of the big building is a store.
  • Take a quick moment to visit the store to upgrade your armor with 3 Wolf's Bands, 3 Fancy Overalls, and 1 Steel Cap.
  • This will ensure you have plenty of armor for the coming Cave of the White Dragon.
  • Go into the main building after that.
  • Just inside to the left is Watts, who you will talk to soon.
  • Go through the doorway across from where you came in.
  • Here you will meet King Truffle.
  • Talking with him will have you learn you need to head into the nearby Cave and find the White Dragon within, dealing with the enemies who have inhabited it.
  • Truffle will mention that there is some treasure for the Mana Knight in their treasury.
  • Go to the right and up the stairs there.
  • Head to the right and open the chest in this room.
  • It will grant you the next Javelin Orb.
  • Head back down the stairs and out of the throne room.
  • Talk with Watts to upgrade your Javelin.

Next Quest[edit]

The Cave of the White Dragon

Video Walkthrough[edit]

To Matango Video Walkthrough

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